Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad anime

whenever I am bored, i look at google pictures and ussally search for "anime", but i always make sure that it is censored because anime nowadays is so.......... wel..... lets just say that all they show now mostly are girls, barely dressed as warriors, or samurais!, I think that it is terible!, why would they waste some of the best animation on something as terrible as this!, i think that it should be illigal to do this kind of thing, because the girls look so real now! why are they wasting some of the best animation, and ne of my favorite drawing styles to do this, most people that are into anime are about 12, or 13. so when they see that kind of stuff, it poisones their minds!, i am not like that, but when other people see that on purpose, and even draw it on purpose, it sickens me!, so, I guess what i am trying to say is, PLEASE ,respond to this, comment on it, because i ould like to now if you agree with me or not on this subject, and please, someone dissagree with me on this, so I can have a long and greuling disscon with you........and excuse my spelling!

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Inuyasha is defined!

from: http://www.sweetcream.co.uk/Reviews/Inuyasha.htm

( Thanks guys! )


A half (dog) demon Inuyasha is released from 50 years sleep by Kagome, a modern day student, when she steps back in time to feudal Japan. This era is packed with an endless pick of demons and they all want the Shikon no Tama (a crystal ball with lotsa power). Because of Kagome the Shikon no Tama becomes shattered and dispersed all over the country, and that begins their quest to re-collect them. 3 more allies (Miroku, Shippo & Sango) have joined them thus far.

Inuyasha is a series that got me glued to the screen for a while. It had a good adventuring pace, and the demons destined for Inuyasha's sword spiced things up once in a while. Then we also had Naraku who is basically everyone's enemy in our travelling group minus Shippo. The other two characters I find more interesting but are given pitiful appearences Sesshoumaru and Kikyo. Yeah, I do tend to like the less "nice" characters. Kikyo is a particularly cold person but I still prefer her over Kagome. It's not often that anime series have love triangles where one guy sincerely loves both the other two equally. It's quite interesting how Inuyasha cannot decide between the two (it's gonna be Kagome though, she's the star after all).

About 60+ episodes of Inuyasha however, I begin to see that all the juicy parts of the storyline have been used up. The bickering between members of the group are the same, as is falling into Naraku's traps and I'm sick of seeing the same old flashbacks of Inuyasha and Kikyou's past. I can't see a conclusion anytime soon since some episodes waste time with an exclusive focus on Miroku, Sango, Shippo. I happen to find Sango an extremely dull character too, which dosen't help. So at present 90+ I'm getting the sense that everything is continually being recycled, and the story progression remaining static. I do find it a little sad that I'm not as drawn to this series the way I was a year ago, and I hope they manage to break from this tedious pace.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why I don't like essays

Sometimes essays can be really hard to understand. Usually, before I have a chance to understand the paragraph we are working on, we move on, then we receive homework on something I have no idea about! Then I end up doing my homework wrong, and that's not good for my grade. Also, this is way too much for me to take in each day! And I am also afraid that if this is what we have to in the seventh grade, then college will be a nightmare. I there is nothing that I really understand about essays, and I wanted to learn the first paragraph section a little more before we moved on, but we voted and I did not get my way. Although essays van be really hard to understand, I am confident that I can do it!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My two paragraphs

Last weekend, a man named Russell Clevenger was struck by lightning during a children's soccer game. The game was in Carroll county on Saturday. The thirty-seven year old man;s heart stopped. If bystanders had not have performed CPR, Mr.Clevenger would not be alive right now! Forunately, he only had to spend four days in Akron's Children's Hospital, and not his entire life! He said he feels sore, and can not remember anything before the game or at it! Few people ever get struck by lightning and survive. So he is very lucky. Five other people at the game were injured but not as bad as Russell Clevenger. I guess lightning dose not always strike high places

To read more go to www.newsnet5.com/news/10001268/detail.html

My responce to this is that I feel sorry for Mr. Clevenger. If that would have happened to one of my friends or family, I would have been devatsated! Also, I would hate to lose my memory because of a lightning attack. That would be terrible, to not remember your own family and friends. Mr. Clevenger is lucky to have survived, but I would not have liked it to happen anyway.


from left to right: (animals too!) : Kiara, Songo, Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, and Inu-Yasha!

The picture on my blog is a picture of the cast of Inu-yasha. A anime show on cartoon network's Adult Swim. It is one of my favorite shows, and I got into drawing anime because of it! (I am really good!) another good series of books by Rumiko Takahashi is Ranma 1/2. You can get all of these series from the euclid public library.

Aren't they the CEE-UTEST!?!?!?

Friday, September 22, 2006


Well.......I'm kind of new so bear with me. Also I don't really understand what exactly what to do. So I guess I'll tell you about myself. I like to laugh, I am rather smart and that is all I'm gonna say! After all, there are predators on the internet. And you might be one of them! so I have to be careful! (Same on all of you preadators)!